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Effective immediately, IPC will be implementing an automated 'pay by minute' phone service for all machines not under warranty, $1.99/min. If you would like to enroll in a Tech Support Package to bypass the pay-by-minute charges, while receiving a discounted rate, then please check out the support tab for more details

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The new system upgrade kit will be designed to help customers get the most value out of their assets by maximizing the life of existing I.P.C. injection molding machines. As a part of Illinois Precision Corporations expanded services portfolio, the controller system upgrade kit makes it possible for customers to upgrade their old controller with the Eurotherm Compact Controller.


There are hundreds of I.P.C. machines in the field, installed at Medical Device Manufacturers that could benefit from this system upgrade. In some cases, it is more appropriate to implement new injection molding equipment and technology. While in other cases upgrading existing assets is more effective.


The controller system upgrade kit helps manufacturers determine the best option to keep their operations running at peak efficiency and productivity, followed by the implementation of a suitable solution.


The controller system upgrade kit is based on Eurotherm’s very popular MACO Compact hardware configuration consisting of a structured upgrade solutions package that is designed to have a more robust user interface, increase efficiency, which maximizes the useful life of installed Illinois Precision Corporation machinery that is less than 30 years old. The controller system upgrade kit will enhance your existing machine with the following features:


  • Large Color Graphic Touch Screen Display Interface.

  • Pre-configured screens that emulate the existing installed-base of (HS2 & HS2-V).

  • High Speed Display Updates.

  • Ethernet Communications.

  • Recipe Storage to USB Memory Stick.

  • Online and Web Browsable RLD diagnostics.

  • Robust hardware configuration to ensure fewer failures (3 year manufacturers parts warranty).

  • Tightly integrated multiple processor architecture.

  • Scalable-one control solution that allows for easy additions of function and I/O for large and small machines now and in the future.

  • 16 bit analog I/O, 24 Vdc Powered, 6-Slot standard configuration.

  • Reduced installation costs-fast and easy DIN rail mounting.

  • Global-multi-lingual.

  • Flexibility of distributed or centralized I/O.

  • International accepted IEC standards.

  • Connectivity to third party devices.

 I.P.C. will be offering a new Controller System Upgrade Kit to maximize the useful life of older I.P.C. injection molding equipment.


I.P.C. will also be introducing the ECHO-MD Machine.

The ECHO-MD machine will be exactly like the current ECHO series machines. The only difference will be the MD machine will have closed loop injection and SPC capabilities.

By implementing the Illinois Precision Corp. Controller System Upgrade Kit,  you can extend the life of your injection mold equipment. The upgrade will be coming to you fully bundled with comprehensive instructions on how to install. Of course if you wish to have Illinois Precision Corporation technicians perform this installation for you, feel free to call us for a quotation.



Illinois Precision Corporation has been manufacturing Injection Molding Systems for the medical device, automotive, industrial, test & measurement, telecom, aerospace, and wire harness/cable assembly contract manufacturers for over 30 years. We’re a leading global supplier of rotary table injection/insert molding equipment and services to the plastics industry. We offer a complete turnkey operation by not only manufacturing the equipment, but also have a full machine facility for making custom tooling, mold design, and training. The company has many service technicians, supporting customers in over 100 countries. Illinois Precision Corporation manufacturing facility is located in Bicknell, Indiana. 



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